illywords at Bocconi University

By Ariella Risch on April 28, 2010 in Conviviality, Experiences, Students

Milan, 2.30 p.m., Bocconi University: Communication and Events Management course.

I have just come out of the presentation that Carlo Bach, art director of illywords, and I were here to give. We presented the last issue, “Conviviality”. There were more than 30 students inside and their coordinator, Lia Zarantonello. I do not know if we have been able to explain illywords’ values and goals (especially in English) but I hope so. At the end we distributed copies of magazine; rather than try to explain much here, let’s hope to see a result. Will the students write their impressions on this post?

Today I, too, learned something. At the entrance to the Bocconi University, there are two impressive lions. All the students don’t pass through them, though – they go around on either side. I wondered why and they explained: whoever passes through the two lions will never graduate. So there – now you’ve been forewarned!

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  1. Silvia April 28, 2010

    superstition comes everywhere!

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