David Adjaye, Tim Noble, Sue Webster

By Silvia Vatta on October 19, 2011 in Galleria illy London

After an intense month rich of events and happenings, Galleria illy says goodbye to London.

For the last event, after a fine Montalcino wine tasting by Mastrojanni, it was the turn of the brilliant and successful British architect David Adjaye. He did not come alone. He brought two friends or better two stars of the contemporary art field: Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

With them Adjaye went to college and since then the three of them share a close bond of friendship and team-working.

According to Adjaye success is based on a good collaboration. He doesn’t believe in the creative genius that works by himself in an abstract bubble. According to him there is always a team-work. Indeed, Adjaye, Noble and Webster persuaded us showing some of their most interesting works realised together. The first example was the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, where the building is supported by Noble and Webster’s outdoor sculpture, becoming an icon capturing the essence of this city with strong contrasts.

While they were talking you could clearly get the feeling that the three friends can get along very well!

Recently, the three stars have collaborated at the exhibition ‘Turning the seventh corner’ in Berlin, which ended three months ago.

This is a site specific installation inspired by the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs: in this structure designed by Adjaye, after turning the seventh corner of this path – that made you use all your senses rather than just your eyes – you get into the artwork room with a completely pure consciousness.

I was very good impressed at the end of the talk by this great example of collaboration among different skills within a strong friendship! Quite rare to find…


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