The awareness of the insicurity in Brussels

By Silvia Vatta on March 7, 2012 in Different Cultures

“Brussels is the new Berlin”. This is the word-of-mouth that is spreading in the creative world. This is a catch-phrase that seems to reveal the trend of 2012.

I was so curios that I decided to pass by and have a look of what is going on up there.

We are used to think at Brussels as the city of business, of international affairs. It is the city that we hear very frequently mentioned during the news because of the European Parliament and because of its economic importance. But at the end I have the feeling that we don’t give it a real face.

I’ve never considered it from a touristic point of view. But I had to change my mind. Brussels is a small and charming capital that pampered me with its low architecture and antique markets always covered by a cloudy sky.

But first of all Brussels is a city of people!

ixelles4I was surprised to meet so many young people aware of the serious economic crisis. But they have been reacting to it in a creative way.

I found myself in front of an extraordinary scenery of clear ideas and willingness to collaborate with each-other.

I noticed that the lifestyle is not bohemian even in the art field. On the contrary it is much more committed under the social and political point of view.

I got the chance to meet a scientist who is also a cook, an events agent who works as a singer and a group of friends that parallel to their daily jobs organize every month one of the coolest and popular festivals in town, the Antitapas night.

All these guys told me that Brussels offers a good standard of living. The rhythm of life is very relaxed but nevertheless it keeps the vibe of a real capital city where people can invent ways to implement their ideas.

During a dinner I met two guys coming from Argentina. They were couchsurfing around Europe and were stopping a few days in Brussels like me. We agreed about this feeling of activeness so typical here and rare in other capitals.

In a time when it seems to be impossible to do the job you studied for, even though you have two degrees, I got a positive message from this city. A message of consciousness and vitality, that shows that the desire of being happy can be kept alive even when things take a different way from your plans. This is the consciousness of being precarious used to good purpose.

Well, to be honest I must admit that my stay has been significantly sweetened after a passing by Chocopolis an amazing chocolate factory and shop in the main square. I recommend the dark chocolate with ginger!

Will it be the good energy of chocolate throughout all this consciousness in the air?

Silvia Vatta

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Silvia was born in Trieste, for about seven years she lived and studied Visual Arts in Venice, and she's still in love with that city. After graduation she lived two years in London working in the art field and learning amazing things. Now she's back in Trieste, runs a gallery/shop of contemporary jewelry and clothing and she's still passionate about every form of creativity expression.


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